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Solutions Designed to
Build & Protect Your Wealth

Our services can cover just about any financial matter that comes up in your life

Whether you’re saving for a new home, confused about how your employee benefits or stock incentive compensation works, funding a college education, working towards financial independence, or have some other matter, BrightPath can help.  We recognize that the most effective financial advice comes from an integrated view.  When solving a financial challenge, we take a close look at all areas of your finances. 


You can think of us as your Financial Concierge or Personal CFO – we’ll help chart your path and be by your side along the journey.


Let’s chat to see how our strategies can meet your needs.

At BrightPath, we shine a light into all aspects of your finances:



Investment Management

Comprehensive diversified investment management across all accounts tailored to your risk tolerance, goals and risk capacity.


Tax Planning

Income tax planning often adds dollars to your bottom line.  We will work with you to limit the income taxes you pay to the lowest amount required by law.


Insurance Review

In conjunction with insurance professionals, we ensure that you are properly protected for the risks we all face throughout life.


Employee Benefits Review

For our clients still in the workforce, we ensure that you are optimizing the use of your employee benefits. For clients with stock incentive compensation, we help manage tax issues and work with you to diversify concentrated positions in your employer's stock.


Financial Planning

We work with you to build a plan unique to your lifetime goals. As life changes we update the plan to parallel your revised life trajectory.


Estate Planning

In conjunction with your estate planning attorney we will ensure that your estate is distributed as you desire, minimize assets distributed through the expensive probate process and minimize any potential estate tax liability.


Retirement Planning

For retirees, we ensure appropriate income streams, help protect you against the risk of outliving your nest egg and manage the tax efficiency of distributing income from you accounts.

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