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Success Stories
are our Success Stories

People just like you choose BrightPath to help chart their financial future

We’ve found that people come to a financial advisor for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’re just starting out, hitting your stride mid-career, or preparing to retire, our advice and plans can make the most of your assets.


Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs all choose BrightPath to grow and preserve their wealth. Below are some cases that represent a sample of the ways we have helped clients.  Please reach out to us for a consultation to see how we can help you.

We found one couple nearly $10,000

A husband and wife, both corporate executives in their mid-30’s, realized their financial matters were becoming more complicated than they could handle. With demanding jobs and two young kids at home, they had neither the time nor the background to make the best financial decisions for their situation. One spouse had a compensation package that included multiple stock incentive compensation plans resulting in income tax and investment portfolio complexities. They asked us for our assistance.



Overpaying taxes
We reviewed the couple’s tax returns a previous accountant had prepared and noticed that when one of the spouses received stock incentive compensation, their employer had already withheld tax. The clients’ previous accountant overlooked this withholding, meaning the client had paid taxes twice on the same income.


Amend previous tax returns
We amended the prior years’ income tax returns, and the client received checks in the amount of nearly $10,000.

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