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Success Stories are our Success Stories

People just like you choose BrightPath to help chart their financial future

We’ve found that people come to a financial planner for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’re just starting out, hitting your stride mid-career, or preparing to retire, our advice and plans can make the most of your assets.


Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs all choose BrightPath to grow and preserve their wealth. Below are some cases that represent a sample of the ways we have helped clients.  Please reach out to us for a consultation to see how we can help you.

We mapped a custom financial plan for a young upwardly mobile family 

A young family with two pre-teen children knew they needed a financial plan. They were making a comfortable living, but they didn’t understand all the financial details and terminology, or how to achieve their goals.



Balancing current lifestyle, while saving for the future

The family needed a clear path to save for retirement and their kids’ education, so they came to BrightPath for a financial road map to help them balance savings and spending. They needed help defining their lifestyle priorities, spending goals and plans for what to do if life throws a curveball.


Provide the right amount of data for informed decisions

Peace of mind comes from having the right information. Together we created a personal financial plan that encompasses their life goals, career trajectory, savings rate, risk profile, current and expected spending levels, and scenarios of how their investment portfolio may grow throughout their lifetime. Armed with information about their financial journey, this couple was able to make better and more confident decisions around savings, spending and investing. And now they have someone to call if life does throw a curveball.

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