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Success Stories are our Success Stories

People just like you choose BrightPath to help chart their financial future

We’ve found that people come to a financial planner for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’re just starting out, hitting your stride mid-career, or preparing to retire, our advice and plans can make the most of your assets.


Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs all choose BrightPath to grow and preserve their wealth. Below are some cases that represent a sample of the ways we have helped clients.  Please reach out to us for a consultation to see how we can help you.

Our roadmap helped a physician purchase his dream home

A doctor in his early 40s had recently gone through a divorce, which significantly set back his finances. He had just moved to a new city with a very expensive real estate market, and he wanted advice about where to invest the funds from the sale of his previous house until he could afford a new home. This client needed to save significantly for a down payment, as well as replenish his emergency funds, while still paying down student loan debt well above $100,000.



Our risk-taking client needed a lower-risk option for short-term savings.

Our client had a very high risk tolerance and didn’t want to give up potential returns from investing in stocks. But due to the short timeframe for his home purchase, he needed to be ready with cash immediately when the right home came along.


Invest the funds in short-term high quality bonds.

We helped the client weigh the risks and benefits of stocks versus bonds. Ultimately, our plan parked the client’s down payment funds in bonds rather than equities to reduce volatility. Because of this advice, when the client found the right home, he was able to purchase it. Just before he was to close on the home, the stock market fell significantly. Had he invested in equities over the same time period, he wouldn’t have had sufficient funds for his down payment.

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